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Ariel Gore Category:Living people ReferencesOnce again the Western Alliance is having great difficulty identifying where the terrorists are coming from. President Bush has concluded that the people of Iraq are incompetent. He stated: "The Iraqi people are not up to the task of governing themselves. They have nothing more than antiquated ideas about freedom, democracy and a civil society." One was never supposed to think this, but I did. My argument had always been based upon: Bush’s failure to support democracy in Afghanistan, his policy of carpet bombing. He has now passed the buck to the Iraqi people, because in the few years that they have had the opportunity to look after their own interests, they have failed. The only area where they have shown more competence than their US occupiers is in the field of terrorism. There have been approximately 17,000 terrorist attacks in Iraq since the US forces arrived in 2003. Of these, 30 per cent were against the US military occupation; 6 per cent against their own government. The only area where the Iraqi people have shown more competence than their US occupiers is in the field of terrorism. Every night, CNN and BBC Nightly News repeat the story of a bomb going off in Baghdad and a suicide bomb in Ramadi. The majority of these attacks are carried out by “self-appointed” suicide bombers. This means that if there is a foreign power supporting this campaign, they are going to be in for a nasty surprise. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the US-UK coalition has been trying to get rid of the regime in Baghdad ever since the US forces arrived in 2003. The co-operation between the “Al-Qaeda” and Iraqi factions have been, so far, very good. I guess that they got so much mileage out of the Afghan campaign. Anchor Peter Jennings: "A particularly cruel attack today in Baghdad. A suicide bomber who killed more than 30 people in a market. It was a very busy market and the bomber, in a crowd of people, detonated the explosives strapped to him. The Iraqi police and security forces have detained three men they said were involved in the bombing, and they are the suicide bomber.” George Bush: “In response to a series of attacks against the Iraqi people.” Peter Jennings: “The ac619d1d87

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